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Modern Stone was created to bring the traditionally rustic natural stone to the modern-day, with a strong focus on turning natural stone into beautiful and contemporary pieces of stonework.

At the Modern Stone cutting facility, we have some of the most advanced stone cutting equipment to be able to cut raw natural stone to perfection.

Modern Stone - Quarry


We choose some of the highest quality from Canada, the United States & Italy, which we bring from the quarry directly to our 60,000 sq. ft. Alberta cutting shop.

The main factors that we look for in the stone we choose are the look, quality, and durability. These factors ensure that we are providing our partners with some of the best arrays of stone options possible.

Modern Stone - Craftsmanship


Our team of stone cutting specialists are focused on making you the best natural stone veneer products available. Whether it’s for indoor or outdoor use, commercial or residential we can provide the natural stone products that fit your needs.

All-natural stone is unique, and this is the same for each of our customers and we want to ensure that we create something truly special, that both speaks to the present and stands the test of time.


Let us be the building block of your next project.

Modern Stone
Modern Stone
Modern Stone